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A home decorating fanatic by hobby, Marni Jameson is a writer and humorist by trade. Her weekly column, “At Home With Marni Jameson,” appears in more than 20 newspapers throughout the United States, reaching more than 5 million readers each week.

“At Home With Marni Jameson” is a helpful and hilarious column that’s as much about home life as about the home design. The antidote to the unattainable perfection liberally featured in home design books and shelter magazines, this column taps what publications ignore: relationships and realities. Far-ranging topics cover all things home including, how to buy an area rug, decorate a patio, pick sheets and towels, bring the perfect hostess gift, blend style with a new partner, and declutter + downsize so you can live well now. The tone of the essays gives readers an “I’ve-been-there” point of view they relate to, combined with humor and hard-won advice.

Newspaper Specs:
Each column is between 750 and 900 words, and includes high resolution, color art. The column is distributed by e-mail every Sunday for Friday release. Each column includes a first-person narrative, followed by tips, often from industry experts. Reasonable rates vary depending on newspaper circulation and demographics.

Add This Column to Your Paper:
Editors: For more information about adding “At Home With Marni Jameson” to your newspaper or magazine content, please e-mail marni@marnijameson.com

Readers: If you would like to see this column in your paper, please contact your newspaper’s home, features, or real estate editors and refer them to this link.

Home Editors Love Marni

If we didn’t run Marni’s column, I think readers would picket. – Nancy Schoeffler, home editor, The Hartford Courant

Marni Jameson hits the perfect pitch when writing on this subject. Hers is a voice you won’t easily forget. Eve Becker, former managing editor, Tribune Media Services

Marni’s column isn’t just about home furnishings and decor, it is about what “home” means. She has the ability to connect with readers on personal level and that’s what keeps them coming back each week. She isn’t afraid to admit her mistakes, and shares her adventures and advice in a way that is informative and amusing. – Suzanne Brown, former senior editor for Features, The Denver Post

Marni Jameson’s columns are funny and practical at the same time. The stories she tells hit home in more ways than one, and the tips she provides are always useful.  -Ray Rinaldi, assistant managing editor, The Denver Post

What makes Marni’s insights special is her way of informing and entertaining at the same time. The husband-and-wife dynamic to her columns and self-deprecating humor are a riot to read every week. At the same, she knows her stuff and provides outstanding advice. We know she hits a home run with our readers.  -Brent Ainsworth, Lifestyles editor, Marin Independent Journal


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98 Comments on “Home Column”

  1. I love reading your column! I always look forward to our Saturday Denver Post. You incorporate wisdom and comedy. Today I laughed myself silly readING about your description of a colonoscopy. Please don’t stop writing!

  2. I enjoy your column and look forward to reading it every Sunday. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and talent in a light-hearted fashion!

  3. Dear Marni, Last spring you wrote an article about updating kitchen and bath hardware. I’ve looked in vain for the hammered brass drawer pulls in the accompanying picture. Please tell me the brand of the draw pull and where to locate it in the Sarasota, FL. area. Thank you.

  4. Rugs. An investment in memories, not $. We have a rug (7 1/2 X 10) in our great room. Made in Syria? Turkey? I grew up in Beirut and remember playing games on that rug as a boy 75 years ago. Yes, it (and I) is a bit worn, some repair that shows. But still carries lifelong family memories and interesting conversation with guests.
    We enjoy your column — thanks.

  5. Where is the Denver Post Jameson column for Saturday June 24, 2017?

  6. Dear Judy,
    Sorry to say, the post has cut my column. Here’s a letter I’ve been sending to readers: Feel free to contact the paper. Editors names are at the bottom, but I have low hopes.
    Readers: You may notice something missing from your paper Saturday. Last Friday evening, I received an email from the features editor of the Denver Post saying that due to budgetary issues, the last column of mine they would carry would appear June 17. (Her email is below.) I’m sorry I did not get a chance to write a proper good-bye as this was an abrupt ending to a 14-year relationship.

    If you are getting this email, you are among the many Denver Post readers who have reached out to me in recent years to express appreciation for my weekly home column. While I wish I had the email addresses of all those who might miss my Saturday morning missives, at least I can thank you for following along in my journey of life and living, and for your loyalty and letters. However much you might have learned from my columns, I have learned many, many times more from you.

    Obviously, newspapers are facing difficult time and are struggling to survive. I have been able to weather much of the industry’s downsizing as I provide syndicated content to a couple dozen papers, who each pay a small subscription fee to carry my content. Most papers find that the arrangement is affordable, and that the content helps build loyal readers like you. But ultimately, the Denver Post editors changed their minds.

    If – after this Saturday — you would like to write the editors and share your thoughts on their decision, I encourage you to do so. I have listed a few email addresses below that you might want to use if you are so inclined.

    If you have friends who follow my column and who might want to continue seeing my column in the paper, please forward this invitation to them as well. Editors do listen to readers.

    Due to budgetary issues, the Marni Jameson column that we publish on Saturday, June 17, will be the final piece purchased by The Denver Post.

    We’ve greatly valued your contributions, as have our readers.

    Thank you for allowing us to publish your work over the years, and best of luck to you in the future.

    Barbara Ellis
    Features Editor
    The Denver Post

    Editor: Lee Ann Colacioppi LColacioppo@denverpost.com 303-954-1754
    Managing Editor: Linda Shapley lshapley@denverpost.com 303-954-1800
    Features Editor Barbara Ellis bellis@denverpost.com
    Home editor: Jenn Fields at jfields@denverpost.com. 303-954-1599

    If we fail to be persuasive, and you would like to continue to read my weekly column, you can find my stories online through other outlets. Here are a few to try: Salt Lake Tribune, San Jose Mercury News, New Orleans Times-Picayune, and the Orlando Sentinel.

    Whatever the outcome, please know how grateful I am to have been a small part of your lives.
    Live well,

  7. Dear Marni,

    So glad to find this explanation as to why you are not carried in the Denver Post. We are not getting the Post anymore as they have tripled their subscription rates in the last few years. Will look for your articles on other websites. So appreciate your work. Will be buying your books. Hope you will consider doing a blog.
    Joy Butler

  8. I’m so bummed by this news. I have a daily home delivery service which I’m canceling. The price keeps going up and my favorites keep being eliminated. First it was Penny Parker and now Marni. I have nothing to look forward to on Saturday mornings. I will really miss the informative and humorous style of your writing. I hope that by some miracle you will be back at the Denver post. Good luck to you in the future. I will miss, miss, miss you terribly.

  9. Thanks for posting about the Denver Post. I just wrote to all the editors listed. The Post is trying hard to annoy and alienate its readers.
    I hope we can follow your weekly column through a nicer newspaper.

  10. Thanks for the explanation. I was so disappointed not to find your column in today’s paper – went through that section 3 times looking for it. I will be reading your weekly article on the other websites – its just part of my Saturday. And I will write to the editor!
    PS are you coming to Denver for your new book tour?

  11. Marni, Saturdays won’t be the same at my house anymore now that the Post doesn’t carry your column! I wrote to them last Saturday when I couldn’t find your column, and I heard back from Barbara Ellis. I’ll send similar emails to the other three editors this week. Thank you for sharing all the info above and I’m disappointed to hear how abruptly you were treated. I will follow your column in another paper now. Your witty, helpful approach is always welcome in my home! I met you at Schlessman Library and hope to see you again on your book tour!

  12. Marni, I emailed the Features editor at the Post today and got the standard reply–before I searched for your website and found like-minded souls were way ahead of me. I agree with Peggy Morse that Saturdays won’t be the same at my house without your excellent journalistic style as demonstrated in your clever and informative column. I am very disappointed. I would like future columns to come straight to my Inbox, and I’d be willing to pay. Missing you already.

  13. I am working on it, Janice. And thank you. Stay tuned!

  14. Like so many others of your loyal readers, I, too, searched unsuccessfully for your column in the Denver Post.
    I am so bummed to learn that the editors made the decision to cancel you. My Saturdays will not be the same without your humour, good decorating advice, and warm personal notes. I shall follow you on another site, and shall write our editors in hopes they will reconsider.

  15. Marni, I have enjoyed a cup of coffee and your column on more Saturday mornings than I can count. I am sad to learn this news. After wondering where your column was for two weeks, I emailed the Post and received no reply. I am glad I finally thought to check here for news.I will add to the calls for your return. I hope all is well in the family.

  16. I am joining the others to express my disappointment in finding out the Denver Post decided to eliminate your column. I let them all know (yes, I emailed all the addresses you provided above) that my last subscription renewal was due to your column. They have gotten my last renewal. I already pay a comics website to get the comics I want (and that the Post also eliminated) and would be more than happy to pay to receive your column. Hang in there, and I’ll be checking your website in the future see if there are new ways to read your informative and entertaining columns.

  17. Marni,
    I love your column. That was my go to in the Denver Post.
    Really bummed. Loved reading about you and D.C.
    I have emailed the Post and expressed my disappointment. Will look for you in the San Jose Mercury!

  18. I have been missing your column the last few weeks and decided to check out your website. Like so many others, your column was the main reason I was keeping my subscription to The Denver Post. Your articles are always enlightening, entertaining, and contain useful information. You will be missed.

  19. Hi Marni
    My husband and I are both so disappointed that the Denver Post has stopped carrying your column. I am sure we will join the others in reconsidering our renewal since they are really cutting back and much is duplication from other papers. But, I will send emails to those you list to try and persuade them to return you to the Saturday lineup. And thanks for the other source suggestions. I also like the blog idea (hint hint).

  20. Finally managed to find time to ask The Denver Post what happened to your column! I was hoping it was just a vacation…It was the highlight of my Saturday morning routine, breakfast, coffee & Marni! Darn… 🙁

  21. Wow, I just sent an email to the Post asking for the return of your column. I so looked forward to your delightful and informative columns Saturday morning.

  22. So sorry, and highly annoyed, that the Denver Post has dropped your column. Part of my Sat. morning routine for many years has been settling in with a cup of coffee to enjoy your column. Financial pressures or not, it seems short-sighted and counterproductive for the Post to make a modest savings at the cost of alienating subscribers. I shall not be renewing my subscription. All the best to you, and I’ll be keeping up with your column online.

  23. I’m glad I found the reason for your column missing in the Denver Post. I will definitely let them know how upset I am with their decision to drop your column. It was the highlight of my Sat. morning. I have read it since you lived in Denver. Cheri

  24. i also started my Saturday mornings with coffee and your column. It is not the same. Sad the Denver Post does not realize it is creative columns such as yours, that create a loyal following, and make a paper special and unique. I miss it terribly! I wish you the very best, and will continue to follow you online.

  25. I am disappointed that I have not seen your column in the Denver Post for a couple of weeks with no mention of why it’s missing! I cancelled my subscription today since your column was the only reason I subscribed. I really enjoy your column and purchased your Downsizing book since I will go through the same process with my childhood home in the near future. I will continue to read your column on your website. Thanks for the many years your advice and wisdom!

  26. Ditto to everyone else. It’s Saturday morning, I’m settling into coffee and breakfast on my patio, and where is your column? I, too, was hoping it was just vacation. I have seen so many features I enjoy disappear in the name of budget, but at this point I feel I am getting no value for my money anymore. I also have written letters to all the editors. I would be willing to pay to subscribe to a blog.


  27. Thanks, Lisa, and the others of you who are writing in about the Post’s decision to cancel my column. Below is a letter I emailed yesterday to the more than 100 readers who emailed me letting them know where they can go to regularly find my column. So save these links, use them, and we can still have our morning coffee together. mj

    Dear Denver Post Readers,
    I want to sincerely thank all of you who wrote to the paper to complain about their decision to drop my column. I am very touched by your support. Believe me, no one is more disappointed than I am. Alas, despite your letters – and there were many — and emails from me, nothing has changed. So we move on. Because many of you expressed an interest in continuing to read my weekly column, I am sending here several ways you can do that. Here are links to a handful of papers that do a nice job of posting my column online and keeping an archive of past columns. Feel free to click on any one of the links below each week to see the latest installment. The same links should work every week, so save this email. (You will be able to see all the columns the Post has not run since June 17, when the paper stopped running the column.)

    San Jose Mercury: http://www.mercurynews.com/?s=marni+jameson&orderby=date&order=desc
    The Oklahoman: http://newsok.com/search?q=marn%20jameson#gsc.tab=0&gsc.q=marni%20jameson&gsc.sort=date
    Sarasota Herald- Tribune: http://www.heraldtribune.com/search?text=marni%20jameson&start=1
    Orlando Sentinel: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/search/dispatcher.front?Query=marni+jameson&target=all&spell=on
    Marin Independent Journal: http://www.marinij.com/search?text=marni+jameson&sort=modifiedtime+desc&nocache=1
    Salt Lake Tribune – Spaces Magazine http://spacesutah.com/?s=marni+jameson

    Another way to read my weekly missives is to visit my newly resurrected blog. I recently updated my long-neglected website, and started posting my column there. You’ll find a new entry on the home page each week. These blog posts will be the same as my columns, but will run three weeks behind the papers’ columns, so I don’t scoop my subscribers. They deserve first run. But you will find a new posting every Monday.

    I do hope you will keep reading, and writing me when so moved. And I, too, will be in touch from time to time. If you do not want to receive any future emails from me, please let me know. You can also like my Facebook page, At Home With Marni Jameson, and keep up on other news there. Thank you, again, for letting me be a small part of your lives.

    Live well, Marni

  28. I am so sad to finally learn why your column has been missing from the Denver Post for the last few weeks! That is the final straw for me and I will not renew my subscription. And papers wonder why they are failing! They don’t listen or care about the readers! I agree with the previous comments regarding the entertainment and informational value of your columns and encourage you to keep writing! We will find a way to read and support you!

  29. Feeling better now that I’ve read the numerous e- mails from other dismayed Denver area post subscribers. Time to cancel the overpriced subscription and follow you online Marni! Also purchasing your books and will thankfully continue the happy Saturday routine of coffee and Marni- you always make me smile:)

  30. So disappointed the Denver Post dropped your column.
    Glad you will have blog and FB – who else can I rely on to back up my case for new wall color and lighting! Looking forward to catching up with you today!

  31. Join the club, Carol. Clearly the Post is tone deaf on this matter. Fortunately, I am still a mouse click away each week! Marni

  32. I was afraid the Post had dropped you. I’m getting real close to dropping them. The columnists I like stop appearing AND their local and state reporting is not robust. I will write and tell them that, too. Marni, I will be visiting your website regularly as I really enjoy your column and advice…even if I rarely follow it being decorating challenged as I am.

  33. Thank you, Carol. Let ’em have it! But we’ll stick together regardless.

  34. Marni, thank you for your wonderful columns and for telling us where to find you online! I am the odd duck that actually doesn’t give a fig about decorating and often can’t tell a “before” pic from an “after” without a caption. However, I’m a huge fan of your columns because of their heart and soul. It is the first thing I read on Saturday mornings. Your heartbreak and wisdom about tending to your parents’ home (and later, your mother) were spot-on for me (unfortunately, your columns came a few years after my experiences, so I had to figure things out on my own). I read your column to grow with you and cheer you on. I wish you lived next door to me! I will keep reading your columns online. Thank you!

  35. Sorry this doesn’t help you but that was the final nail in the coffin for the Denver Post and me. I’ve been missing you from the Post and hoped it was just a well deserved vacation. Then I found you online in other papers. Sad. You were such an inspiration to me, I clipped columns for reference. Just yesterday (honestly!) I pulled out the one on what to look for when buying sheets since last week I bought a new bed in a different size and urgently needed to restock. And, ironically, my annual subscription to the Post was due earlier this week and had decided not to renew. Sorry! Thanks for your great info over the years.

  36. Hi Marni,I am so upset that the Post dropped you! I had no idea! I thought you were just on a long vacation. I want you to know how
     much your columns have meant to me. I loved the funny ones but also the serious  topics. I could always find helpful advice and looked forward to your column every week.  I promise I will contact the misguided Post editors. In the meantime, I will follow you online. Please don’t ever stop writing.

  37. Thank you, Susan. Even as the Denver Post struggles financially, I will continue to do what I do. I’m not going away.

  38. Hi Barb, Well, you have plenty of company. My readers are leaving the Denver Post like lemmings. I am not going anywhere, however. You can always find me on my blog or on the other papers that post my column. Bless you.

  39. Thank you, Cindy. We will continue to have our Saturday morning coffee together. Just not with the Denver Post anymore.

  40. Sigh … at first I assumed that your absence from the Denver Post was just a vacation. But after a few more weeks, I researched and found the sad news. Please add me to the list of people who would pay to subscribe to your column. (I do pay to subscribe to the Denver Post and the Wash. Post, but apparently that’s not enough anymore.)

  41. We,too,are so very saddened and angry at the idiotic decision by the Denver Post. We will be expressing our displeasure to the Post, not that their staff cares.
    We have enjoyed your column for years and we think of you as a trusted friend.
    Thank you for everything you do.
    Best wishes always.

  42. Missing you. Saturday morning is not the same without you. Dang! Thank you for posting alternates. Happy summer!☺️❤️Su High

  43. I wondered where you went! Glad you’re still writing. I especially liked your articles regarding dealing with all the minutia of life. I don’t want to leave a lot of “stuff” for my kids. I will fire off a complaint to the Denver Post as I just received notice of another rate increase! Wishing you much happiness!

  44. I am missing your column here in Denver as well. I will contact the editors.

  45. Hi Marni,
    Sorry it has taken so long to express my sorrow that you are no longer my favorite part of the Denver Post. I am glad that you are alive and well! I look forward to catching up with the columns I have missed.
    Thank you for sharing your life with us in witty writing and good counsel!

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