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Rightsize Today
to Create Your Best Life Tomorrow

A gentle guide to help readers “over a certain age” discover their best life by finding the right-sized home in the best location, Rightsize Today will help root-bound home dwellers cross the bridge between stuck in the past and a lighter, better future. Readers will discover what’s holding them back, then find the insights, experiences, and inspiration they need to move forward.

What to Do with Everything You Own to Leave the Legacy You Want

Getting your affairs in order doesn’t sound like fun . . . but with bestselling author Marni Jameson as your guide, you might be surprised. In helping readers leave behind a blessing rather than a burden, Jameson focuses on what’s important: taking care of loved ones and causes dear to you—and making a thoughtful plan instead of a mess. As Jameson helps you shape your legacy, you’ll enjoy peace of mind, comfort, and even a few laughs. And you’ll rest assured: It’s not so much what you leave but how you leave it that matters

Downsizing Blended Home Book Cover

Downsizing the Blended Home
When Two Households Become One

Downsizing the Blended Home: When Two Households Become One reminds readers that when merging households, one plus one needs to equal . . . one. That means something’s got to give—and you don’t want it to be the relationship. Marni’s newest book guides couples toward fairly, sensitively, and beautifully blending two fully loaded households. Once again, Marni humorously weaves her own experience with tales from others and advice from experts to help couples seamlessly mix styles, leave the past behind, and arrive at a harmonious look that is the best of both partners now and going forward.

Downsizing the Family Home
What to Save, What to Let Go


Downsizing the Family Home: What to Save, What to Let Go has been an Amazon best-seller since it came out. The book provides readers a roadmap through one of life’s most difficult rites of passage, clearing out a family home. Using her own personal journey as a basis, Marni helps you figure out a strategy and create a mindset to accomplish the task quickly, respectfully, rewardingly—and, in the best of situations, even memorably. Whether tackling your own home, or that of a loved one’s, Marni’s sympathetic mindset and encouragement light the way.


Downsizing the Family Home: A Workbook

Building on the award-winning Downsizing the Family Home, this guide—part journal, part workbook, part scrapbook—gently walks downsizers through their profound journey and helps them chronicle the experience.

House of Havoc

The cupboards are overflowing, the linen closet holds towels and tools, and your once tidy family room might as well come with a ringmaster. But that’s called living, right? Marni Jameson is here to prove that you can turn a hectic home into a haven, without being voted off the island.


The House Always Wins

The House Always Wins - a compulsively readable, zanily humorous, yet completely practical step-by-step guide to creating your dream home weaves the author's experience in with advice and secrets distilled from interviews with dozens of home design experts. If you live in a world with budgets, time constraints, unreliable contractors, cheap spouses, messy kids, and less-than-perfect pets, The House Always Wins will be comforting (it can always be worse), inspiring (who knew?!), and absolutely indispensable.

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