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Glynn Richie


Reports indicate that antibiotics do not work on a virus because it is not alive. Other reports indicate this coronavirus lives on some surfaces as long as three days. Clearly dissimilar definitions for life are in play here. Can you offer clarification for what the word ‘life’ means?

Contact - 2020/03/28 at 10:26 am


                    Marni - In reply to Glynn Richie.

Hi Glynn, Viruses do live. Antibiotics don’t kill viruses because antibiotics only kill bacteria. (This is why you shouldn’t take an antibiotic to treat the cold or flu, which are caused by viruses. Regardless, wash your hands! Stay well, Marni

2020/03/28 at 10:52 am



Love Marni!

Got Room to Spare? Why Not Share? - 2020/03/14 at 10:36 pm


                    Marni - In reply to LISA LAPORTA.

Love you, Lisa!

2020/03/15 at 5:04 am

Carol Wise

My d in law, who is THE kitchen and bath planner in our area of Wisconsin, is ADA aware. She evaluated my senior house and pointed out bad developer planning. One point missed in your Forever-House article is not to place the microwave over the stovetop. Very dangerous for older persons to reach up over hot pots or burners.

My concern is placement of shower controls on inside wall of walk-in shower — can’t be reached by person or caregiver unless standing in shower. Also, my shower has 6″ tile lip, so access is dangerous or even impossible for physically limited person.

Contact - 2020/03/10 at 8:59 am

David Paxton

Hello, I just read your article about removing a laurel oak from your property before it toppled over. Based on my own experience I must say your article is spot on accurate. I live in Sherwood, Oregon and I had a 50+ foot birch in my backyard. A number of the branches had died and were decaying. I was hoping the dead branches could be pruned and the tree saved, but an arborist informed me that the birch was diseased and had a beetle infestation. He told me it could be trussed and treated with pharmaceuticals to slow the decay, but ultimately it would eventually die and possibly topple on my house or a neighbor’s. So last autumn I hired the arborist’s company to remove the birch, grind the stump, and replant a Japanese maple in its stead. It wasn’t a cheap project, but it beats the heck out of having to do a home repair and/or settling an insurance claim.

Contact - 2020/02/16 at 9:34 am

Diana Mageehon

I’m making a cross country move. So many moments have initiated memories of your columns over the years. Especially the one on down-sizing. Now I’m moving into my own happy yellow house soon! I want to keep reading your blog and columns for inspiration. Thanks!

Lessons Learned from 2019 — Part 1 - 2020/02/06 at 7:57 am


                    Marni - In reply to Diana Mageehon.

Thank you for the sweet words, and keep me posted on your progress. My blogs post weekly on Mondays, so be sure to check back. Best to you Diana ~ Marni

2020/02/06 at 10:22 am

Renette-Monique M Dall’au

I’m preparing to redo my kitchen but have heard of a new appliance color that is a Campaign hue, however, I’ve been unable to find it. I’d like to see it in person before designing my color scheme around it. Do you know where I can see this color?

Contact - 2020/02/01 at 5:52 am


                    Marni - In reply to Renette-Monique M Dall'au.

Could it be a Champagne hue?? Not sure what Campaign hue is — sounds a bit patriotic.

2020/02/16 at 10:06 am



Your column always brings a smile to my face. Thank You

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Lessons Learned from 2019 — Part 1 - 2020/01/11 at 4:19 pm


                    Marni - In reply to Jule.

Bless you. And you bring a smile to mine.

2020/01/13 at 7:49 am

Marla Ketter

I’m so happy to find you!! You’re missed terribly in the Denver Post. It’s just not same without your column. how do I subscribe to your blog?


Lessons Learned from 2019 — Part 1 - 2020/01/11 at 11:32 am


                    Marni - In reply to Marla Ketter.

You can find my blog free on this website each week. Try adding it to your RSS feed.

Glad you found me!

2020/01/13 at 7:50 am

Monica Harting Helzer

Hi….This is Monica Harting Helzer, your second grade teacher. I have read several of your articles and wanted you to know how proud I am of you. Love your writing and your humor. I’m sure it is all because of my stellar teaching. I used to take your stories to the lounge to share them with other teachers they were so creative and well written at that time. So excited when I see the article is by “you.” Keep it up. I know your mom loved your journalism.

Contact - 2020/01/03 at 4:33 pm


                    Marni - In reply to Monica Harting Helzer.

Hi Mrs. Helzer! What a nice surprise to hear from you! Of course, I remember your class and you very well. I still have a story I wrote in your class about the “binousaurs,” who all “bied.” I had a little trouble with my bs and ds back then, but you no doubt helped me straighten that out. I hope you are doing very well. Are you still in Orange? Mom used to tell me how she would catch up with you at the hair salon. I managed to end up on the opposite coast in Florida, but your letter proves it is still a small world. Thank you so much for writing, and Happy New Year! Marni

2020/01/04 at 6:09 pm

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