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Marni Jameson



All things home.

That’s the territory Marni Jameson takes you through in her books, columns and talks. Whether you want to downsize, decorate, declutter or dream, Marni has been there and will take you there, too, by the hand. Along the way, you’ll hear first-hand and often hilarious experiences combined with advice from world-class experts.

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What to Do with Everything You Own to Leave the Legacy You Want 

Getting your affairs in order doesn’t sound like fun . . . but with bestselling author Marni Jameson as your guide, you might be surprised. In helping readers leave behind a blessing rather than a burden, Jameson focuses on what’s important: taking care of loved ones and causes dear to you—and making a thoughtful plan instead of a mess.


Downsizing the Blended Home

When Two Households Become One 

When merging households, one plus one needs to equal . . . one. The path toward that fundamental fact, however, is not so easy. Since something’s got to give—and you don’t want it to be the relationship—Downsizing the Blended Home is here to help you meet the challenge of figuring out what to keep, what to let go of, and what to create together.

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