House of Havoc

The cupboards are overflowing, the linen closet holds towels and tools, and your once tidy family room might as well come with a ringmaster. But that’s called living, right?

Wrong! Marni Jameson is here to prove that you can turn a hectic home into a haven—and do so without being voted off the island. With chapters such as “Kids are Great—They Only Dismantle Your Home One Piece at a Time,” you’ll laugh as you learn whether to opt for solids or patterns; what constitutes “indestructible flooring”; how to organize your house from top to bottom; and how to decorate so home appeal goes up and blood pressure goes down.

House of Havoc is that indispensable guide for making the most of the house you have without driving everyone around you nuts.

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House of Havoc Book Reviews

Library Journal –
Jameson (The House Always Wins: America’s Most Trusted Home Columnist’s Guide to Creating Your (Almost) Perfect Dream House) promotes realistic home organization with a sense of humor. There are no illustrations, but the book offers lots of great lists from professionals, covering everything from how best to organize your kitchen to easy interior design, sandwiched between Jameson’s amusing personal tales of woe. This fun book will appeal to fans of Erma Bombeck

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House of Havoc: How to Make-and Keep-a Beautiful Home Despite Cheap Spouses, Messy Kids, and Other Difficult Roommates
While domestic gurus like Martha Stewart promote a fantasy of spotless homes and decorating genius, syndicated home columnist Jameson (The House Always Wins) brings a down-to-earth, humorous approach to maintaining a household that’s based in the real world of clutter, kids, pets, crowded schedules, and limited budgets. From “Slip Covers as Divine Intervention” to “The Science of Housekeeping,” Jameson makes home improvement advice fun as well as practical, stacking each chapter with tips gleaned from her own life and from experts, including interior designers and professional home organizers; Part Four, for example, details the six Secrets of Great Design (restraint is key in “Manag[ing] the Snowball Effect of Decorating”), while Part Six tackles “specialty spaces” like home offices and guest rooms. Whether considering a fresh coat of paint in the living room, purchasing new towels, or removing a stain, Jameson provides succinct trouble-shooting tips (“Buy it once, buy it right”) as well as more general guidelines, found in personal mantras like “Every house needs bling,” and “Every room needs some life: flowers, a goldfish, a pet.

Colorado Homes & Lifestyles
Harried homeowners, rejoice.
Marni Jameson isn’t afraid to be honest about what goes down at her house, and in her new book, House of Havoc (due out this February), the nationally syndicated home columnist—and Coloradan—draws from her own at-home mishaps to help you cut down on chaos at your house. Inside, you’ll find a wealth of useful tidbits that make way for a happier dwelling: six secrets to great design, tips on how to create an earth-friendly home, how to decorate with a budget in mind, plus other relevant scoop—all backed up by stories of Jameson’s front-lines experience. Plus, her advice is as humorous as it is practical; you’ll love her conversational tone and girl-next-door sense of humor.

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Photo Gallery for House of Havoc

Reading a home design book without pictures is kind of like going to a museum blindfolded. You have to bring your imagination. Because photos make a book cost a lot more, and because I wanted my book to be affordable, I put the pictures here. For those of you reading House of Havoc, I hope you find these visuals illuminating. — Marni