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If we didn’t run Marni’s column, I think readers would picket.
– Nancy Schoeffler, home editor, The Hartford Courant

Marni Jameson hits the perfect pitch when writing on this subject. Hers is a voice you won’t easily forget.
Eve Becker, former managing editor, Tribune Media Services

Marni Jameson’s columns are funny and practical at the same time. The stories she tells hit home in more ways than one, and the tips she provides are always useful.
-Ray Rinaldi, assistant managing editor, The Denver Post

What makes Marni’s insights special is her way of informing and entertaining at the same time. The husband-and-wife dynamic to her columns and self-deprecating humor are a riot to read every week. At the same, she knows her stuff and provides outstanding advice. We know she hits a home run with our readers.
-Brent Ainsworth, Lifestyles editor, Marin Independent Journal

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