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A home decorating fanatic by hobby, Marni Jameson is a writer and humorist by trade. Her weekly column, “At Home With Marni Jameson,” appears in more than 20 newspapers throughout the United States, reaching more than 5 million readers each week.

“At Home With Marni Jameson” is a helpful and hilarious column that’s as much about home life as about the home design. The antidote to the unattainable perfection liberally featured in home design books and shelter magazines, this column taps what publications ignore: relationships and realities. Far-ranging topics cover all things home including, how to buy an area rug, decorate a patio, pick sheets and towels, bring the perfect hostess gift, blend style with a new partner, and declutter + downsize so you can live well now. The tone of the essays gives readers an “I’ve-been-there” point of view they relate to, combined with humor and hard-won advice.

Newspaper Specs:
Each column is between 750 and 900 words, and includes high resolution, color art. The column is distributed by e-mail every Sunday for Friday release. Each column includes a first-person narrative, followed by tips, often from industry experts. Reasonable rates vary depending on newspaper circulation and demographics.

Add This Column to Your Paper:
Editors: For more information about adding “At Home With Marni Jameson” to your newspaper or magazine content, please e-mail marni@marnijameson.com

Readers: If you would like to see this column in your paper, please contact your newspaper’s home, features, or real estate editors and refer them to this link.

Home Editors Love Marni

If we didn’t run Marni’s column, I think readers would picket. – Nancy Schoeffler, home editor, The Hartford Courant

Marni Jameson hits the perfect pitch when writing on this subject. Hers is a voice you won’t easily forget. Eve Becker, former managing editor, Tribune Media Services

Marni’s column isn’t just about home furnishings and decor, it is about what “home” means. She has the ability to connect with readers on personal level and that’s what keeps them coming back each week. She isn’t afraid to admit her mistakes, and shares her adventures and advice in a way that is informative and amusing. – Suzanne Brown, former senior editor for Features, The Denver Post

Marni Jameson’s columns are funny and practical at the same time. The stories she tells hit home in more ways than one, and the tips she provides are always useful.  -Ray Rinaldi, assistant managing editor, The Denver Post

What makes Marni’s insights special is her way of informing and entertaining at the same time. The husband-and-wife dynamic to her columns and self-deprecating humor are a riot to read every week. At the same, she knows her stuff and provides outstanding advice. We know she hits a home run with our readers.  -Brent Ainsworth, Lifestyles editor, Marin Independent Journal


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74 thoughts on “Home Column

  1. Hi Marni, I too miss your informative and humorous writing style. I keep looking in the Denver Post for an explanation for your absence. Since an explanation was not forthcoming, I took to the internet to try and find you. Why did the Denver Post discontinue your much read articles? If there was some dispute, I hope it can be resolved. I miss you!

  2. I too have found you on the internet. We miss
    your column each Sat. in the Denver Post. I have used your suggestions for downsizing, and
    decorating a second home in the desert. Do you have a regular blog I might subscribe to?

  3. Hi Marni, I am missing your column from the Denver Post also. The paper gets smaller and smaller….wondering why I even subscribe, especially since I cannot enjoy your wonderful writing on Saturday mornings. I think many people in Colorado are feeling likewise. We ALL miss you. I am sending a copy of this email to the Denver Post.

  4. I loved the bar stools in your column on Jan.26 2018.
    Where can we find them? The discussion on arms vs no arms, height, swivel, etc is one we have had. Help!

  5. Hi Kathy, Thank you for your note of support. I wish the editor at the Post would listen! Unfortunately, as with so many papers, the Denver Post is hurting financially. The new editor has made some unpopular moves. Maybe she’ll come around. Meanwhile, you may catch my blog each week on my website. I just added an RSS feed.
    Best, Marni

  6. Marni, today the East Bay Times Pleasanton,CA., did not have your column. Your column and the Your Life newspaper section was the reason I continued to print subscribe! Where can I find your column?

  7. Hi Nancy, The San Jose Mercury News, which also runs the East Bay Times, and other papers in the Bay area, are revamping its home section. This month all of the section’s columnists — not just me — were put on temporary hold until the editors figure out which ones they want to keep in the paper after the remodel. They will be looking at reader responses like this! So do feel free to email the editors, (one is Linda Zavoral LZavoral@mercurynews.com) and I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks, Marni

  8. I just sent a note to the Mercury News too. It’s not the Sunday paper without At Home!

  9. I have sent an email to the Mercury News about your column. I do hope they will heed the emails sent by everyone. Good luck.

  10. Hello Marni…

    Sent an email to The Mercury News today. We had been on the fence about cancelling our subscription and discontinuing this section made the decision easy. May consider getting the Sunday paper if they bring it back.

  11. Hi Heather, AND ALL who wrote about the Mercury News dropping their Life section. The editors are listening to you! I am told I will be in this Sunday’s print section. Keep the letters coming! Thanks, Marni

  12. I’m writing the Mercury News now. The only reason I continued my subscription was your column. Do you have a blog to subscribe to?

    Tomorrow (March 7) my book, “Downsizing the Family Home,” will be featured as an
    Amazon Lightning Deal — 20% off – for six hours only, 11am to 5pm EST or while supplies last.

  14. I think we all want to know where you ended up placing your turkish run in your new happy yellow house.

  15. I remember reading an article about gas/electric grills you wrote and can’t put my finger on it! What was the final decision? Which was best and/or which did you end up getting?

  16. Hi Kelly, We got the Traeger, a wood-pellet grill, and we really like it.

  17. Ha! Sorry to keep you on pins and needles there. We put one turkish rug in the living room and one in the family room. They look even better in this house. Love them!

  18. Hello Marni,
    How can I get a copy of the letter you published 3/27 or 28 in the Mercury News.
    I saved it and a tidy family member discarded it!! Written by an 81 year old who didn’t want to part with her “stuff” because it held a lifetime of memories. Help! I need to have my daughter read that because she wants to toss everything except a change of clothing… Robbie Smith

  19. Hi Robbie, All my columns appear on my blog on this website three weeks after they run in the paper. Scroll through and you will find this column. Good luck, Marni

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