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A home decorating fanatic by hobby, Marni Jameson is a writer and humorist by trade. Her weekly column, “At Home With Marni Jameson,” appears in more than 30 newspapers throughout the United States and Canada, reaching more than 7 million readers each week. Finally, here’s an interior design column that makes readers feel good about themselves.

“At Home With Marni Jameson” is a helpful and hilarious column that’s as much about family life as about the family home. The antidote to the unattainable perfection liberally featured in home design books and shelter magazines, this column taps what publications ignore: relationships and realities. When most people tackle a home design project, they have to not only deal with labor and materials, but also with spouses, contractors, kids, dogs, mind-boggling choices, dwindling budgets and a shortage of time. Basically — life. The tone of the essays gives readers an “I’ve-been-there” point of view they relate to, combined with humor and hard-won advice.

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Each column is between 700 and 900 words, and include color art. The column is distributed by e-mail every Sunday for Friday release. Each column includes a first-person narrative, followed by tips, often from industry experts. Rates vary depending on newspaper circulation and demographics.

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5 thoughts on “At Home With Marni Jameson

  1. Marni,

    I always appreciate your column and would like to add an alternative to renting or owning a second home.

    About 30 years ago, my wife and I backed out of a condo purchase in Lake Tahoe and opted instead to buy our first RV. Over the years, we’ve upgraded the RV a few times, but we still consider it our “rolling second home”. In addition to taking longer cross-country trips to all lower-48 states, we use it 3 or 4 times a month to local State Park beach and woodland campgrounds, usually within a 100 mile roundtrip of home.

    We book our State Park reservations for specific dates and campground sites online each month, 7 months in advance when the booking inventory is opened for sale. We usually stay for 2 or 3 nights, making the getaway routine and easy. By committing to a schedule in advance, our calendar is full for the 8 months of daylight saving, with less usage during the California “winter”. Reservation cancellations can be made up to the day before the scheduled arrival for a minimal fee.

    Having the trips planned in advance makes all the difference in being successful with using an RV as a second home. It gives you the same feeling as going to the regular cottage or beach house, complete with the positive anticipation of going.

    Parking at home can be issue, but it can be handled in a number of ways. We park on the street in front of our home during the season, complying with the local parking and HOA ordinances. We opt for indoor RV storage during the off-season, but can still take it out for an impromptu getaway.

    Obviously, the RV depreciates over time, while real estate generally appreciates. There are other cost impacts and trade-offs but, for us, it all works out.

    Best to you! Ken (& Joyce) Sweezey – San Jose, CA

  2. About monograms. Heavens! Am I illegal? Have I been illegal for 72 years? I was named Marie Elizabeth for aunt and grandmother, always called Betty. When I married my lawyer husband, I just decided to drop the Marie (no offense Aunt Marie) and keep the Elizabeth which most nearly resembled Betty, and took my maiden name for middle name, adding my husband’s surname. But I never went before a judge. Will I be taken to jail? This causes confusion again when entering information into my genealogical program. It insists on calling me Marie. If I had used Marie, there would still be confusion because my name is Marie with a short “a” and not the “uh” sound commonly used. We parted our son’s name on the side too. Wouldn’t you think we’d learn?

  3. Loved your description of a colonoscopy. I put it off for years, finally had one at 66. It wasn’t nearly as bad as people had lead me to believe. You did misspell one word in your column though. It should be “Mentalpause”, a period of time when women go crazy, kind of like when Spock experiences “pon far”. Seriously though, I really enjoy your column.

  4. Marni: your column today in owning pets and owning a home and how to make it work was a gem. Thank you for doing that topic, I realized I never see those topics combined together.

    Great article. I wanted to say that we have tried leather furniture and all I can say is puppy Samoyed from the get go did nothing but chew our furniture up. One time we came home after being gone briefly and he had taken the stuffings out of the leather couch. This dog loves leather and we put our Sammy through training, all sorts of things. the secret: cover your furniture with furniture covers, blankets etc. The dog will not see the leather, out of sight, out of mind.

  5. Re your remark in April 28, 2017, Sarasota Herald-Tribune that “Though all colors fade over time, chemical colors fade faster,” I believe your fact checkers may have erred. According to, “Good chemical dyes are more resistant to fading than natural dyes.” This fading, which I prefer to call mellowing , is something I like about Turkish rugs as they age. Other than this comment, I enjoy your columns and your recent experience with Turkish rugs. In my view, buy the rug and decorate around it. I agree with your husband.

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