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Nationally Syndicated Home Design Column.

A home decorating fanatic by hobby, Marni Jameson is a writer and humorist by trade. Her weekly column, “At Home With Marni Jameson,” appears in more than 30 newspapers throughout the United States and Canada, reaching more than 7 million readers each week. Finally, here’s an interior design column that makes readers feel good about themselves.

“At Home With Marni Jameson” is a helpful and hilarious column that’s as much about family life as about the family home. The antidote to the unattainable perfection liberally featured in home design books and shelter magazines, this column taps what publications ignore: relationships and realities. When most people tackle a home design project, they have to not only deal with labor and materials, but also with spouses, contractors, kids, dogs, mind-boggling choices, dwindling budgets and a shortage of time. Basically — life. The tone of the essays gives readers an “I’ve-been-there” point of view they relate to, combined with humor and hard-won advice.

Newspaper Specs:
Each column is between 700 and 900 words, and include color art. The column is distributed by e-mail every Sunday for Friday release. Each column includes a first-person narrative, followed by tips, often from industry experts. Rates vary depending on newspaper circulation and demographics.

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Editors: For more information about adding “At Home With Marni Jameson” to your newspaper or magazine content, please e-mail marni@marnijameson.com

Readers: If you would like to see this column in your paper, please contact your newspaper’s home, features, or real estate editors and refer them to this link.

7 thoughts on “Home Column

  1. Hi Marni, somehow I missed last weekends( Oct.2)follow up to decluttering from the past weekend article.. Anywhere I can find it? Love your column. Thanks, Sharon Collins

  2. I am glad you talked about this “identity crisis”: in EBNG. It can be a royal pain.

    Linda Patricia Kite

    named after grandmothers, etc and always called Pat

    Newark, Ca

  3. Help! I need the 2nd part of Sept 25’s “How to lighten your clutter load.” Is there any way I can get that?

  4. I love reading your column! I always look forward to our Saturday Denver Post. You incorporate wisdom and comedy. Today I laughed myself silly readING about your description of a colonoscopy. Please don’t stop writing!

  5. I enjoy your column and look forward to reading it every Sunday. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and talent in a light-hearted fashion!

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