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Marni’s award-winning reporting has appeared in some of the nation’s top-tier media.

  • California Home
  • Child
  • Colorado Homes & Lifestyles
  • Family Circle
  • Fit Pregnancy
  • Living Fit
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Natural Health
  • Orange County Home
  • Parents
  • Reader’s Digest
  • Woman’s Day

5 thoughts on “Articles

  1. Trying to search for October 16th article on second homes.
    Unable to find it.
    Could you please e-mail
    Thank you
    K. Nelson

  2. Just run a search on my name and second homes. You should find it, and a few others.

  3. I look forward to your article every Saturday. Thank you for what you do, I love my sheets now! I am in need of a table pad for my dining room table. I should have done this years ago. Any suggestions on where to buy one? We had some issues with warm plates on my black wood table. Trying to get the white marks out and then cover it. Please email me when you have time. Thank you S. Dickinson

  4. I missed the 2nd half of your article on what you learned in 2016…where can I find it? I live in Salt Lake City and it’s in the Saturday Spaces section of the Salt Lake Tribute but I didn’t get it on 12/31

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