Fall Decor

Come fall, just as you pull on layers of clothing, it’s also nice to add seasonal layers (not clutter) in your home. So here are 20 almost free ways to express fall. Try a few on at your place.

Book Jackets: To Remover or Not Remove, That Is the Question

My recent column on organizing bookshelves for function and beauty sure created a fine little fuss. Wow, people are passionate about their books, which, of course pleases the author in me. (Ahem, that reminds me, my second book, House of Havoc, hits stores Feb. 1. Be there.) However, from a design standpoint, the fact is […]


Marni’s Holiday Checklist   If you’re like me, and don’t want another season of overspending, overachieving, overeating, and generally overdoing, and if you want a great holiday season, minus the stress, guilt, migraines and exhaustion, I have some advice. I looked back at past years for what I’ve done wrong and right. I made a […]

Oh, and One More Thing…

When I was in kindergarten, I used to get in trouble for talking in class. I attended a private Christian school, and the teacher would put masking tape over my mouth. They could get away with that in those days. One day, my fed up teacher sent me to the principal’s office. My mom was […]

With Great Relief, I Introduce My Next Book …

Writing a book is like dancing with an octopus underwater. I know because I’ve just finished my second. “HOUSE of HAVOC: How to Make – and Keep – a Beautiful Home Despite Cheap Spouses, Messy Kids and Other Difficult Roommates” (DaCapo Press) is off to my editor, and due to appear at a bookstore near […]

Father’s Day Gadgets That Help Dads & Moms

The best way to get a man to lend a hand around the house is to buy him a toy. So I went in search of new Father’s Day gadgets that I thought might inspire men to either hit the honey-do list, or master their grill skills. I got one of each of the following […]

I’ve Been Framed

I never set out to make enemies. As a journalist, I avoid topics that generate hate mail. I leave the reporting of gang wars to tougher members of the media, and stick to home design. But after my column on framing artwork appeared last week, along with my opinion that custom framing costs too darn much, […]

What I Meant to Say on ABC

Man, four minutes can fly, especially when they’re over in three and a half. That’s what happened last week when I was on ABC TV News showing viewers how to make seasonal centerpieces. Thanks to the expert gliding-along skills of anchor Bertha Lynn, I breezed through my demo, and got through all four seasons plus […]

I care about sheets.

I care about sheets. One lifestyle mantra I live by is this: The closer something is to your body – and what’s closer than sheets? — the better it should be. This argues for good underwear and cheap drapes. I’m even more passionate about sheets since I recently learned about – and I hate to […]