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If you want a good laugh and a cleverly disguised portion of home improvement reality, this is the speaker for you. What makes Marni special is her way of informing and entertaining at the same time. Her family dynamic and self-deprecating humor are a riot to experience. At the same time, she knows her stuff and provides outstanding advice. She delivers what she promises and you’ll thoroughly enjoy working with her.

Downsizers, rightsizers, DIY decorators and anyone who wants advice on improving his or her home will want Marni to speak at their next event.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your column on thew search for a new mattress this morning in our Sarasota newspaper. Our Stearns &Foster mattress is 21-years-old and needs to be replaced. You do not mention any manufacturers in your report. Can you tell me 2 or 3 brands that you like most. I am 82 and my wife is 76. This will be our final mattress. Thank you.

  2. I heartily agree with you, but my Emily Post level etiquette expert holds to the one-year rule.

  3. Here is a link to the mattress Sealy Posturpedic Euro Pillowtop mattress I ordered.
    The customer service line for the store is 1-800-866-9566 and Michelle Gaffney at is the contact.
    A word of caution: In researching and writing this mattress series, I’ve learned that mattresses are highly personal. My five-star could be your one-star, so please do your own homework, and keep that in mind.

  4. Hi Leonard, It probably is time for a new mattress.
    Here is a link to the Sealy Posturpedic Euro Pillowtop mattress I ordered.
    The customer service line for the store is 1-800-866-9566 and Michelle Gaffney at is the contact.
    A word of caution: In researching and writing this mattress series, I’ve learned that mattresses are highly personal. My five-star could be your one-star, so please do your own homework, and keep that in mind.

  5. “Our yellow house has white trim and black shudders.
    When looking at it, Craig pointed out, you first see the burnt-orange front door and the oval window above it. Next your eyes go to the white trim and black shudders.”

    You MUST have dictated this. Someone should read it before you hit “send.” It is, of course, SHUTTERS that you mean here, Marni, I hope and trust. And yes, you need a comma after that “Next.”
    Thanks. You are a pleasure to read otherwise. I enjoyed “Downsizing” immensely. 

  6. I very much enjoy your weekly design column. Regarding today’s column on shingle color, I was glad you noted that a “lighter roof will reflect sun and keep interiors cooler”. In a world where climate is rapidly and dangerously changing that was important to highlight. Studies also indicate that white or light colored roofs reflect heat and can lower the overall temperature in a city. Roofs that would not benefit from being white would be solar and green roofs. We might need to adjust our fashion sense and adopt functionality that will keep our communities more comfortable, and indeed livable. Articles on “cool roofs” and other documented household approaches to slow climate change would be of interest to your audience. Thanks. Elizabeth Orlando FL

  7. Recently traveled to Canada and stayed at the Fairmont La Malbaie, Quebec, Canada. Each morning I woke up and said, “I Love this mattress! I’ve never slept on such a comfortable mattress.” Imagine my surprise upon returning to Orlando, opening the Sentinel and seeing your article, Mattress Search Uncovers Hard Truths. I read with amazement and totally agreed. Wondering: price at Fairmont Home Store is twice that of a locally sold Sealy Posturepedic Plush Euro Pillowtop. Hummm, what is the difference? If you have any further insights on this mattress feel free to email. We love your commentaries! I believe your timing must be a gift. Great Job!

  8. Hi Melodee,
    What you might have missed while away was my Part 1 of the mattress series:
    Here I explain the difference between a hotel-grade mattress and a residential mattress. That said, when I contacted the home store for the Swissotel, the hotel where I stayed in Chicago and slept on this (Fairmont) mattress, Swissotel was selling the same mattress for $1,000 more! Pays to shop for sure.

  9. my wifes cat..jinx..died over two years ago.. we havent replaced jinx yet.. but I would rather have two cats than one dog.. too much trouble thx david johnson

  10. Thank you for responding to my mattress inquiry and sending link on mattresses Part 1. You are right, I was gone when that came out. I think it narrows the question to hotel/commercial grade and $$$$ or home grade and $$.
    P.S. I was in tears of laughter reading today’s dog saga. I have my share of cats and love dogs too. Both are fun, comforting and loving creatures. Thanks for all your realistic looks at life!

  11. Thank you Marni, for your articles about mattresses. My husband and I are in the mist of finding one we like, which means we have to give up our 25 year old mattress that really can’t be called a mattress any longer.

    It’s a long and arduous process and I appreciate your insight and help!

    Please keep your readers posted on how you’re liking your new mattress.

    Best to you!

  12. Dear Marni:

    I so enjoy reading your column each week, and thought about how “right on target” you were with your recent column of CAN MAKING YOUR BED CHANGE YOUR LIFE?

    As the sole caregiver for the past 11 years for my husband who has Alzheimer’s, I recently sought out a local Support Group regarding Loss and Grief to help me “vent” and begin to put some positive direction back in my life as I climb my way back from the grief and loss his disease has burdened us/me with. That group has been a God-send for me (as well as a Caregiver’s Support Group I belonged to previously).

    Anyway, in our group we are always talking openly and candidly about how do we “get through” this pain, and try and rebuild our lives without our loved ones at our sides. Our conversations seem to keep coming back to just taking life one day at a time, and to taking baby like steps on regaining our entryway back into building some kind of a new life for ourselves. A few steps here, a few steps there so to speak. We all know its going to take a lot of continuous concentrated work and effort.

    So to my point. Your column hit me “right between the eyes” when I read it, as I have, just recently, begun to make my bed each and every day. And yes, speaking from personal experience, it does indeed help!! I’m looking for ANY small thing to help me climb out of this grief and loss canyon, and I can verify that it does supply me with a minor sense of accomplishment and provide some calm to me at the start of my day. Something that is always welcomed!

    As such, I’m planning on bringing your column to my support group next week and reading excerpts from it as I believe it to be one excellent example of a simple thing all of us can do to start our day on a brighter note.

    Thanks so much for just being you!

  13. Your article on bed making is right on target. I also am compulsive about bed making every day. The bed is made before I leave the bedroom. Best article I have seen on bedmaking. Thanks.
    Dirty dishes run second to bedmaking for me.

  14. I missed the article on the best mattress for me. How can I read it now?

  15. Re: Dogs and Why You Have 3:
    You are my favorite word-smith! “A dog may be a small part of your life; but you are all of theirs!” A cat may ignore you a lot but they can be pretty lovable and love your dog too. Our Miss Mew loved her dog, Sammy The Dawg! I love your articles. One weekend your article wasn’t in the Sentinel so I emailed the editor and she responded on her phone that your column would be back in a week. You have some following, as you should! Thank you for being you and real.

  16. I just wanted to leave you a quick note to tell you how much I enjoy your articles in our Saturday local paper. It is the first article I read.
    You are so witty. You make me laugh. Your advice is always spot on.
    Thank you.
    Looking forward to your next piece.

  17. Dear Marni,

    I just read your column about replacing your roof in the Salt Lake Tribune. My husband and I replaced our roof this past spring on our 26 year old house. The house has beige stucco and reddish orange and brown stones across the front. The shingles we replaced were black asphalt. The shingles we chose we a combination of tans, ranging from mid tan to dark tan. We could not believe the difference those shingles made to the appearance of our home. It really made it much more attractive. We also went a step further and added solar panels to our roof. Those, we hardly notice, because the roof looks so great.

    I thoroughly enjoy your articles every week in the “Spaces” section of the Tribune. You have given my husband (an architect) and I some good discussion points as we have made improvements to our home over the years. Thank you for your insights.

    Lisa Vicchrilli Anderson
    Sandy, Utah

  18. Dear Marni,
    I have just read your column and found it to be very interesting. I am wanting to contact Hakan Zor re a Turkish rug. I appear to have an incorrect email address, would you be able to forward his email address to me? Greatly appreciated.
    All the best, Lesley Hutchinson.

  19. Dear Marni,
    Can you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me about the flower material in your most recent post photo for “Refreshed French”.

    It’s perfect for this New Orlean’s lady’s home! I also love and gravitate towards French style from ’30s/’40s(Andre Arbus–be still my beating heart!

  20. Dear Marni,
    Can you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me about the flower material in your most recent post photo for “Refreshed French”.
    It’s perfect for this New Orlean’s lady’s home! I also love and gravitate towards French style from ’30s/’40s(Andre Arbus–be still my beating heart!

  21. Do you have an archive of your columns? I remember a good one that you did that discussed that you had to adjust to the new realities of Xmas with all different relatives and blended families. I have a relative that could use your advice. I saved the article but cannot find it.

  22. I enjoy your column, even though I’m a very basic decorator of my home. Your column on fragrances leads me to share this. I purchase a year’s supply of the sticks when they are available at this time of year. I use them at the bottom of my clothes hamper, at the bottom of my kitchen trash basket (under the plastic bag) and hang one behind the toilet tank. They last about 2 months in each location.

  23. Hi Marni , I am a big fan of your weekly articles and even have my husband reading and talking about them! Thank you. Today’s article on artificial trees reminded me about the issue with tree disposal and landfill. I wish you would have included that discussion in your article as I think it should be a big co side ration in deciding to purchase or replace an artificial tree. Perhaps the cost of restringing the lights or getting live trees each year would be more “worth it” when considering the environmental impacts. Just a thought.

  24. I look forward to your columns, and today’s recap of the best of the first 6 months of 2019 was spot on. For me, your 10/19/19 column, “Where’s the joy in a new roof?” perfectly recapped what I was experiencing, dealing with a 19 year old roof needing replacement and not having a clue what I was doing, as I’d never paid much attention to roofs before. As an aside, neighbors selling their house report that potential buyers have ALL asked about their roof. To expedite the sale, they are replacing their roof!!

  25. Hi….This is Monica Harting Helzer, your second grade teacher. I have read several of your articles and wanted you to know how proud I am of you. Love your writing and your humor. I’m sure it is all because of my stellar teaching. I used to take your stories to the lounge to share them with other teachers they were so creative and well written at that time. So excited when I see the article is by “you.” Keep it up. I know your mom loved your journalism.

  26. Hi Mrs. Helzer! What a nice surprise to hear from you! Of course, I remember your class and you very well. I still have a story I wrote in your class about the “binousaurs,” who all “bied.” I had a little trouble with my bs and ds back then, but you no doubt helped me straighten that out. I hope you are doing very well. Are you still in Orange? Mom used to tell me how she would catch up with you at the hair salon. I managed to end up on the opposite coast in Florida, but your letter proves it is still a small world. Thank you so much for writing, and Happy New Year! Marni

  27. I’m preparing to redo my kitchen but have heard of a new appliance color that is a Campaign hue, however, I’ve been unable to find it. I’d like to see it in person before designing my color scheme around it. Do you know where I can see this color?

  28. Hello, I just read your article about removing a laurel oak from your property before it toppled over. Based on my own experience I must say your article is spot on accurate. I live in Sherwood, Oregon and I had a 50+ foot birch in my backyard. A number of the branches had died and were decaying. I was hoping the dead branches could be pruned and the tree saved, but an arborist informed me that the birch was diseased and had a beetle infestation. He told me it could be trussed and treated with pharmaceuticals to slow the decay, but ultimately it would eventually die and possibly topple on my house or a neighbor’s. So last autumn I hired the arborist’s company to remove the birch, grind the stump, and replant a Japanese maple in its stead. It wasn’t a cheap project, but it beats the heck out of having to do a home repair and/or settling an insurance claim.

  29. My d in law, who is THE kitchen and bath planner in our area of Wisconsin, is ADA aware. She evaluated my senior house and pointed out bad developer planning. One point missed in your Forever-House article is not to place the microwave over the stovetop. Very dangerous for older persons to reach up over hot pots or burners.
    My concern is placement of shower controls on inside wall of walk-in shower — can’t be reached by person or caregiver unless standing in shower. Also, my shower has 6″ tile lip, so access is dangerous or even impossible for physically limited person.

  30. Marni,
    Reports indicate that antibiotics do not work on a virus because it is not alive. Other reports indicate this coronavirus lives on some surfaces as long as three days. Clearly dissimilar definitions for life are in play here. Can you offer clarification for what the word ‘life’ means?

  31. Hi Glynn, Viruses do live. Antibiotics don’t kill viruses because antibiotics only kill bacteria. (This is why you shouldn’t take an antibiotic to treat the cold or flu, which are caused by viruses. Regardless, wash your hands! Stay well, Marni

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