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If you want a good laugh and a cleverly disguised portion of home improvement reality, this is the speaker for you. What makes Marni special is her way of informing and entertaining at the same time. Her family dynamic and self-deprecating humor are a riot to experience. At the same time, she knows her stuff and provides outstanding advice. She delivers what she promises and you’ll thoroughly enjoy working with her.

Downsizers, rightsizers, DIY decorators and anyone who wants advice on improving his or her home will want Marni to speak at their next event.

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  1. Hi Marni,
    Your column today on finding a contractor prompted me to write. My husband and I, in our 70’s/80’s, are planning to replace all of the flooring in our 1400 sq. ft. townhome and are in the beginning stages of looking for a good/reputable flooring contractor. Our main concern is being taken advantage of because of our age and also the fact that we are both vertically challenged (short!) and have been taken advantage of previously. Can you give us any advice on how to handle this? Thank you so much!

  2. Always enjoy your articles because they are informative, fun to read and sometimes humorous. (Tomato cage as a tree decoration?). Last Sundays article about contractors was spot on. After almost 40 years of dealing with contractors, I would only add one thing. Before I ask anyone to come to my home for a bid, I always go on line to the State Board of Licenses and check out the company. You can find out if the license is current, if they are insured, bonded and have workman’s compensation when applicable. There have been times when I discovered that the so-called license number was made up. It is surprising how many people just take it for granted that it is legitimate. Looking forward to your next column.

  3. Hi Jo, Gosh, I am sorry to hear you feel discriminated against for your age and size. I’m prompted to quote Eleanor Roosevelt here: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Perhaps do as much as you can by email and phone, and have someone with you when you meet, perhaps your son or daughter? Good luck, Marni

  4. Just read your “end of year” column.

    In it you write:
    IN DECEMBER I stepped in reindeer doo and wore the hair Santa suit when a column I wrote on Christmas tree “mistakes” and their fixes went over like a lead ornament. Readers gave me a lump of coal for suggesting they edit their ornaments, so their trees look more cohesive. Fifty lashes with a wet candy cane for me.

    Lesson: Some people want a tree that looks good. Some want a tree that feels good. Whatever, don’t mess with tradition, she said, signing off for 2018.

    My comment: You can have a tree that looks good AND feels good. I’ll take a tree with personalized ornaments over a tree with “decor” ornaments any day.

  5. Dear Marni- After reading your article re:It’s never too soon to introduce kids to good quality and and style We had our grandchildren with us for quite a few years. When the oldest was in the 6th grade she was asked to write an article about the person she admired most. That person was ME, her grandmother. The things she remembered were not the furniture and blankets but all the fun things we did together such as going to the water park, having bicycles to ride up and down the block and swimming in our pool. We had a huge vinyl alligator and her grandpa was always patching the holes. Also at bedtime I would read to her and her brother the book called “Little Red, the Pony”. Had many other books but they both always loved the way I read the story to them. Her mom, our daughter, gave me this letter some years back (granddaughter is 31 years old) and I kept it secure. This past Christmas I decided to give back to our children/grandchildren the precious items of the past. When our granddaughter read over the letter she had written in the 6th grade, she again told me how she admired me still. Now that shows what mattered to our grandchildren…not the way their bedroom was decorated. Just thought I would give you another perspective!

  6. Hi Marni, I had to respond to the vet you consulted about dog beds. He seemed to poo-poo the idea of memory foam bedding, calling it “overkill.” I’ve had several elderly, arthritic cats that have greatly benefited from the support and padding that memory foam provides. (I also slipped a heated rice bag into their bed, but you don’t need to mention that to Dr. Dunbar.) Their stiffness of movement was noticeably improved. I have a feeling that most pet owners would agree.

    Thanks for your columns every week. I always enjoy them.

  7. Hi Marni, I enjoyed your columns about your guest/ room for children and family. The one with the bird headboards. Please put a picture in the paper. We would love to see it. Thanks

  8. Hi Lorraine, I just posted a picture of the headboard on my blog on this website. Next week, I will post the column and picture featuring the whole room. Meanwhile, if you do a search online, you will see both columns about my new kids’ guest room with photos. You didn’t mention what paper you get. My column runs in a couple dozen papers each week. I always turn the column in with a photo, but whether the editors use the art depends on their space. However, you can find my column online at other papers. Try googling Marni Jameson + Kids room. I post all columns on my blog three weeks after my subscribing papers run them. Best, Marni

  9. Hi June, I think what he didn’t like was the fact that some companies charge $300 for these mattresses. That he thinks is overkill. The warm rice bag sounds good to me!

  10. I read your wonderful column on keeping love alive this morning. It warmed my heart. I lost my beautiful wife of 52 years 7 months ago. Your column reminded me that your five ending points were exactly how we made our marriage work. I had “Good Morning Sunshine” imprinted on our bedroom wall. We always kissed when I came home, the evening meal was sacred, good manners were how I was raised, each of us had our own space, and little tokens of our love arrived throughout the year. Birthdays and Valentine’s Day were always good quality red and yellow roses mixed in a bouquet. Multiple Myeloma stole her from me. Our Gravestone up on Martha’s Vineyard has a carved ribbon with the words “True Love Conquers All” with our sunrise and sunset dates. I am going to send your column to my kids. Thanks for such a wonderful piece of work!

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