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Winning at houses

Pamela Fieber, Calgary Herald
Published: Saturday, April 05, 2008

NEW BOOK – Anyone who has gone through building a new home will tell you, a trip to the homebuilders’ design centre is not as much fun as it sounds. The mind boggling assortment of choices, the skyrocketing cost of upgrades and the ridiculous time constraint (OK, now we’ll take five minutes to decide where you want all your light switches) are enough to reduce even the most hard-core decor enthusiast to a quivering mass. So it’s comforting to share in the self-deprecating anecdotes of someone who’s done it all and is willing to tell the tale.

In The House Always Wins, syndicated columnist Marni Jameson (whose column At Home with Marni appears Saturdays in Life at Home) chronicles, in her self-deprecating manner, the process of building, decorating and landscaping her Colorado dream home, one agonizing decision at a time.

The book is a compelling mix of humorous anecdotes and useful information. Half the text details Jameson’s struggle to create her specific dream home and the many fiascos and frustrations that entailed. The other half is a series of no-nonsense tips from professionals on each and every subject in the book. So even if you don’t relate to Jameson’s agonizing over her choice of wall and carpet colour, you can appreciate her list of tips from interior designers on how to create a neutral palette as a starting point. (Start with neutral wall colours in similar,
harmonious tones, cover the floors in materials slightly darker than the walls, and you have a great starting point for future decor.)

Available at major bookstores.

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